Adoption Process

So You Want To Adopt Your New Best Friend

Path of Hope Rescue is based in Spokane, WA, but will consider adoptive families anywhere in the United States, who are willing to travel to pick up their dog in person. We have a unique Matchmaking service where our goal is to make the best rescue match possible; taking into consideration the dog and your family's needs. Every dog is different: personality, temperament, energy, comfort with kids and other animals, medical needs and more. We take all these factors into consideration when making a furever-home match. We are very careful about the placements we make. We do our best to match the right dog with the right adoptive home because we want this to be the pet's permanent home.

If you are willing to wait for the right dog to be matched to you, you are an ideal candidate for Path of Hope Rescue.


01. Apply

PHR offers a unique "Matchmaking Service" to help you find your perfect match! In order for us to get to know your family better, the first step is submitting an online adoption application. Please be sure to read the “So you want to adopt?” page thoroughly before applying.

02. Review

Our volunteer team will start reviewing your application. Matchmaker Assistants will call your vet, collect a landlord letter and make sure you meet our qualifications. If we have any questions or concerns, we will contact you via email for clarity. *If your application has not been approved after initial review, your assigned Matchmaker will send a denial via email at this point.*

03. Phone Interview

If your application is approved, you will receive an email from your assigned Matchmaker to schedule a phone interview. This conversation will allow you tell us what your family is looking for in a pet, your home environment and allow us to explain our process in more detail.

04. Meet and Greet

After the phone interview, we will begin the search for your perfect match! Your Matchmaker will evaluate all of the dogs in our program and review your family's lifestyle. If we have a dog that we believe is a good match, we will arrange a "meet and greet" for your family. Meet and greets take place at the home of the foster family. We require all human members of your household to be present for the meet and greet (please leave pets at home).

05. Home Inspection

If your family falls in love with the matched dog and the foster family signs off, then we will schedule a home inspection. The foster will come to your home and check for any hazards that may be harmful to a dog or puppy. All household members, including pets, must be present for the home inspection. Long distance adopters will perform a home inspection via video chat BEFORE the meet and greet in order to better accommodate you.

06. Home Trial

Once your home inspection has been approved, the foster will leave the dog at your home for a trial period. Puppy trials will be a minimum of two nights and adult trials will be one week. Your Matchmaker will be checking in with you throughout the trial to provide support and answer questions. If you found your perfect match, your Matchmaker will help finalize the adoption online and all records will be mailed to you. Home inspection and Home Trial drop off will happen at the same time for local adopters


  • Initial response to your application typically happens within 7 days via email.
  • All applications will receive a response, even if it is a denial.
  • Path of Hope Rescue is almost entirely a volunteer organization. Please be patient with us.