Happy Tails Dogs

We're happy to tell you the dogs below have found their furever homes.
Please visit our AVAILABLE DOGS PAGE to see the pups currently available.

Peter Litter: Easter
Marshmallow Litter: Easter
Cadbury Litter: Easter
Egg Litter: Easter
Bunny Litter: Easter
Peeps Litter: Easter
April Litter: Easter
Rita Litter: PHR Mommas
Ken Litter: Ken & Barbie
Ambrosia Litter: Apple Litter
Beyonce Litter: Destiny's Child
Anthony Litter: Bridgerton Season 2
Barbie Litter: Ken & Barbie
Kate Litter: Bridgerton Season 2
Pandora Litter: Hansen Brothers
Loganberry Litter: Berry Litter
Nativity Litter: Christmas Litter
Camel Litter: Christmas Litter
Mary Litter: Christmas Litter
Megatron Litter: Transformers
Myrrh Litter: Christmas Litter
Mai Tai Litter: Cocktail Litter
Gretchen Litter: Mean Girls Litter
Gold Litter: Christmas Litter
Dewberry Litter: Berry Litter
Mango Litter: St. Kitts Kids
Pina Colada Litter: Cocktail Litter
Jesus Litter: Christmas Litter
Karen Litter: Mean Girls Litter
Berry Litter: Berry Litter
Daquiri Litter: Cocktail Litter
Cloudberry Litter: Berry Litter
Snozzberry Litter: Berry Litter
Frankincense Litter: Christmas Litter
Bellini Litter: Cocktail Litter
Shawn Litter: Boy Meets World
Martinez Litter: Cocktail Litter
Mudslide Litter: Cocktail Litter
Cory Litter: Boy Meets World
Cranberry Litter: Berry Litter
Strawberry Litter: Berry Litter
Regina Litter: Mean Girls Litter
Elderberry Litter: Berry Litter
Kamikaze Litter: Cocktail Litter
Brindley Litter: St. Kitts Kids
Snowberry Litter: Berry Litter
Joseph Litter: Christmas Litter
Topanga Litter: Boy Meets World
Mulberry Litter: Berry Litter
Bumblebee Litter: Transformers
Yeti Litter: Squatch
Betty Litter: St. Kitts Kids
Monkey Litter: St. Kitts Kids
Carrib Litter: St. Kitts Kids
Megan Litter: Prince's Wives
Sasquatch Litter: Squatch
Bigfoot Litter: Squatch
Catherine Litter: Prince's Wives
Camilla Litter: Prince's Wives
Dorinda Litter: Cheetah Girls
Rumble Litter: Transformers
Starscream Litter: Transformers
Princess Litter: Royal Court
Squawkbox Litter: Transformers
Maple Litter: Tiny Trees
Sqweeks Litter: Transformers
Optimus Prime Litter: Transformers
Ironhide Litter: Transformers
Sideswipe Litter: Transformers
Mirage Litter: Transformers
Jetfire Litter: Transformers
Mamatron Litter: Transformers
Everest Litter: Snow Dogs
Wheelie Litter: Transformers
Bobby Litter: Dexy's Midnight Retrievers
Baileys Litter: Irish Foods