Volunteer With Us

We can't
do it without you.

We are thrilled you want to volunteer with us. Our volunteers are the backbone of our rescue. We can't wait to introduce you to our organization and the team that makes it all happen. Please take a few minutes to read through the website. Learn our foster and adoption processes (no quizzes...we promise), and read the stories of the dogs whose lives have been changed through Path of Hope Rescue. When you're ready, please fill out our VOLUNTEER APPLICATION!

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Join Our Pack!

we have lots of volunteer opportunities 
Local or Long distance
couple hours a month or couple a day

First Tier: Loyal Pack Members
no need to sign up - everyone can do these!

Are you a Professional? 

Contractor, cleaning service, mechanic, landscaper, or whatever? If you have a skill that you want to share, just ask!  I'm sure we can find a way for you to contribute.

Own a business? 

We love working with local businesses! Host an event, have a donation bin or food drive. If you want to get involved, we will brainstorm with you.

Host an Event or Fundraiser

Consider hosting a bake sale, organize a raffle, want us to bring puppies to your work? The options are endless. Contact us so we can help you get the resources you need to create an amazing event!

Network & Educate

Are you a Social Media Warrior? Share our posts and spread our mission. When friends and family are looking to add a pet to their family, send them to us.

Have a skill you don't see here? 

Some of our best ideas have come from...YOU!  Got an idea, don't hesitate to share it!

second Tier: teams 
you choose time committment

Foster team

Fosters are always our number one need. We literally cannot rescue a single dog unless a Foster is willing to step up. Check out the Foster page for more information.


local to Spokane/North Idaho

Graphic Design Team

You can help us look good: banners, flyers, web design and short videos are always needed.



can be done from anywhere

Clean Team

Provide a break and some relief to our litter fosters by cleaning their puppy area, bathing puppies and yard pickup. Of course there are some puppy snuggles afterwards as well! Great opportunity for your kids to get involved! Age 13+

local to Spokane/North Idaho

Intake Team

When we bring in dogs, we need help getting the dogs ready to go their foster homes. Intake team duties include baths, clean up duty, vaccines, microchips, new collars, nail trims and afterwards, puppy snuggles!

local to Spokane/North Idaho

Transport Team

Our volunteers assist with different transportation needs in the Spokane/CDA area, such as taking a dog to the vet or delivering supplies to foster homes.

local to Spokane/North Idaho

Event Team

We love getting out in the community to share our mission and showcase our puppies! If you enjoy people and hanging out with puppies, this may be your perfect fit. 21+ preferred

local to Spokane/North Idaho


Behavioral Team

Love dog training and dog behavior? Help support our Fosters families when they have training or behavioral concerns.

local to Spokane/North Idaho

Home Inspection Team

We want to see where our puppies are going to call home and that's where you come in.


can be done from anywhere

care Team

Activated as needed when dogs need extra care. Volunteers trained in whelping, bottle feeding, administrations of fluids, neonatal care and Parvo treatment. Has support of the Director of Medical. No experience needed, we will train.

local to Spokane/North Idaho

Third Tier: Volunteer Staff 
Specific job requirements 

Volunteer Recruiter

Just look at how many positions we have available! We are growing faster than we can keep up and need someone to help us find all those amazing dog loving volunteers we need!

can be done from anywhere

Heartworm Specialist

Be a resource and an advocate for our Adopters with Heartworm positive dogs as they navigate through treatment. No experience needed, will train.

can be done from anywhere


We have a passion for matching the right dog with the right home and Matchmakers get to help our families do just that!  Can be done from any location. *Must start as a Matchmaker Assistant first to be considered.

can be done from anywhere

Pet Resource Specialist

Develop and maintain relationships with pet businesses to offer specials to Adopters. 


local to Spokane/North Idaho


Human Resources

Policies and procedures get you excited? Love helping people find their passion?  Help our volunteers figure out their perfect fit and get them onboarded.

can be done from anywhere

Corporate & Business Sponsorships

Seek out corporate sponsors and corporate giving programs. Spread awareness of our mission within businesses and foster loyalty. 

can be done from anywhere

Post Adoption Counselor

Assigned to every adopted dog, so families continue to have support through their dog's entire life.

can be done from anywhere

Grant Writer

Rescue is expensive! Help us track down funds to keep our mission going strong!

can be done from anywhere

traveling Medic

Administers vaccines and dewormers to keep our puppies healthy. No experience needed, will train.

local to Spokane/North Idaho

Case Managers

Case Managers are assigned to every dog we rescue to be a single point of contact for all of the different people involved in their care. If you are organized and great at communication, this might be a great fit! Looking for the following areas:

- Millwood to Division

- Northside

- North Idaho